‘The throat infections act as a silent reservoir’

Gonorrhoea is on the rise due to a decline in condom use during
oral sex, the World Health Organisation warns.
The drug-resistant STI can spread from the throat of an infected
person without them even knowing that they have the disease as
in most cases, there are no symptoms.
Subsequently, resistance to treatment via antibiotics is increasing,
with more than 50 countries reporting futile use of ESCs – the
single medically-approved group of drugs that remain effective in
treating the illness.
It’s a hugely difficult condition to treat in any case, because there
are fewer blood vessels in the throat and therefore it is that much
tougher for any antidote to reach the bloodstream.
“Transmission is very efficient from someone who has gonorrhea
in their throat to their partner via oral sex,” Emilie Alirol from the
Global Antibiotics Research and Development Partnership,

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