Soya can fix your weight issue

Soya can act like oestrogen which makes it harder to lose
weight, if that’s what you’re trying to do – high levels of
oestrogen can cause bloating and water retention.
There’s also the fact of the matter that by giving up soya,
you’ll be cutting out the vast majority of processed foods
(and a lot of sugar as a result).
A lot of supposedly healthy snacks (as well as obviously
unhealthy ones) contain soya, so you’ll find you have a lot
less on which to snack.
Cutting soya out could have quick results too: “After just
five days of nixing soy, my clothes were noticeably
looser,” Well + Good’s health editor Emily Laurence said .
But nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert explained to us that soy
certainly does have health benefits:
“Soy is very controversial and depending who you ask you
may get different answer but from a nutritional
perspective, soy has some great benefits. Whole soy
beans contain so much nutrition and they have to be
eaten cooked, except the immature soybean which is
called edamame.
“The downside is that they can contain some phytates
which block some nutritional absorption but they are also
linked to lowering the bad cholesterol.

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