Salman Shah’s death has taken a new turn!

  1. On Sep 6, 1996, Salman, whose real name was Shahriar Chowdhury Emon, was found dead in his Dhaka apartment.

Police had filed a case of unnatural death considering it a suicide, but the film star’s family objected to it and lodged a murder case
Ruby, now living in the US, alleged that her brother was part of the ‘plot’ and committed the crime at the behest of her Chinese husband Chang Ling Chang and Samira’s family.

Police said Ruby lived in another apartment in the same building then and was the actor’s personal stylist. According to case documents, she was on the scene when the police recovered the body.

Rubi said in the video that her husband was also known as John Chang in Dhaka and ran the ‘Shanghai Restaurant’ on Dhanmondi Road No. 27.

  1. She claimed her brother Rumi was also murdered after the killing. “I don’t know where he is buried, but if the body is exhumed and an autopsy is done then it would be clear that he was strangled

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