Robi’s revenue crept up 8.6 percent

Robi’s income crept dependent upon 8. 6 percent should Tk 1,680 crore in the second quarter for 2017 on the once again for strong Growth in voice Also information sales, achieved Toward those merger with Airtel for A percentage measure.

Voice income grew 36. 5 percent What’s more information income 106. 9 percent in the second quarter from a quite a while earlier, said those country’s second biggest portable driver On a explanation yesterday.

Working profit, however, stayed level In Tk 270 crore, generally due to robust financing in organize development Furthermore market exercises What’s more an easier edge for Airtel benefits of the business coming about because of the merger.

The merger, however, paid off On bringing On a greater amount clients under its network: it seen its endorser base expand 9. 3 percent Throughout the quarter.

Those driver included 3. 4 million new clients should make its count to 39. 6 million – enough with secure An 29. 2 percent of the showcase impart.

Between the months of april and June, Robi contributed Tk 540 crore Concerning illustration money expenditure, dependent upon from Tk 450 crore in the first three months, to extend its across the nation 2. 5G and 3. 5G organize scope.

The driver need system scope On the whole 64 regions for Bangladesh, for regarding 77 percent of its towers being 3. 5G-enabled.

Robi president Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said 2017 began with the greatest challenge for coordination the Robi-Airtel network, those main ever merger in the country’s telecom division.

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