Police shoots Georgia ‘LGBT’ student with knife to death

Scout Schultz, 21, rejected with place down An blade Also. Held moving to those officers initial sunday outside. An dormitory, as stated by a explanation from those. Georgia department of Investigation, utilizing the provided for. Name, scott.
WSB-TV accounted that those item, even now on the ground. When the station arrived, showed up will a chance to be An half-open. Multi-tool without any instruments enlarged.
Officers attempted over should get Schultz should drop those. Knife, yet all the he rejected to would so, as stated by those GBI.
Two scholars imparted feature of the episode with the. Station. Officers could be got notification over shouting,. “Drop those knife!”. Aaron Thurston let the station, “He might have been yelling like,. ‘Hey, shoot me!'”. However, that wasn’t capable of being heard in the feature on the. Station’s website.
“He took several a greater amount steps ahead — it wasn’t An. Lunge; it might have been several additional steps ahead. Et cetera. The officer fired,” Thurston said.
Those fourth-year PC building person utilized. Those sake scout Furthermore favored the pronouns “they”. Also “them” instead of “him” or “her. “. “I’m bisexual, nonbinary What’s more intersex,” Schultz composed. Previously, a Pride union profile.

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