Parambrata’s first work with his beloved literary series

The episode is based on the story “Sheyal Debota
Rahasya”, and stars popular Indian actor Parambrata
Chatterjee in the titular role, with Riddhi Sen playing
his nephew and sidekick Topshe. The trailer also
indicates that the detective comes to Dhaka to solve
the mystery he is after (a deviation from the original
story), and Tariq Anam Khan in an important role.
Kandy Productions and Tom Creations have received
the rights to work on “Feluda” from Satyajit Ray’s son,
Sandeep Ray. The first season of the series will
feature four episodes; the rest of the episodes will be
made later in phases. The four stories that the
episodes will be based on are “Sheyal Debota
Rahasya”, “Ghurghutiyar Ghotona”, “Golokdham
Rahasya”, and “Gangtokey Gondogol”.
The episodes will also be available on online
streaming platforms Bioscope for audiences in
Bangladesh, and Addatimes for audiences abroad,
after the telecast.
Feluda, whose real name is Prodosh Chandra Mitra, is
arguably one of the most iconic characters of Bangla
literature and film. A brilliant detective with razor-
sharp deduction and instincts, he often goes on
adventures beyond the excellence of the mind and
into situations of real danger. Satyajit created the
character in 1965 on his magazine “Sandesh” with
“Feluda’r Goyendagiri”, and went on to write 18 short
stories and 17 novels. Satyajit also directed two
Feluda films, “Sonar Kella” (1974) and “Joy Baba
Felunath” (1979), starring Soumitra Chatterjee in the
titular role. His son Sandip Ray has directed five
Feluda films and 10 TV films. After Soumitra,
Sbyasachi took on the role of Feluda in the Bangla
films, while Shashi Kapoor played the sleuth in the
Hindi adaptation of “Joto Kando Kathmandu te” in
This is also not Parambrata’s first work with the
beloved literary series. He played Topshe in the ‘New
Feluda’ franchise directed by Sandip Roy that had
Sabyasachi in the lead, in films “Bombaiyer
Bombete” (2003), “Kailashey Kelenkari” (2007) and
“Tintorettor Jishu” (2008).

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