Now Selfie can help losing weight

We all know the basics of losing weight – eat less (and better) and
move more. But there’s one proven way to supercharge your
weight-loss: take selfies.
Studies have shown that by taking photos to document your
progress, you’re more likely to stay motivated, which is the hardest
part of dieting for lots of people.
One recent study by the University of Alicante discovered that
keeping a photo diary makes dieters more likely to reach their
target weight: “After all, it is very gratifying to literally see yourself
get slimmer over time,” said Mercedes Rizo Baeza, the thesis
director at the university. More and more people are documenting their weight-loss journeys
on social media, and there are now even dedicated apps for those
wanting to post slick pictures and videos.
One such app, Progress, allows users to match up their selfies as
their bodies change, creating a smooth transformation video.

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