Next I-phone with no “home button”

The next iPhone might bring the most profound changes
to how you use it since the first.
Apple has long been rumoured to be dropping the home
button, lengthening the screen and introducing a range of
other changes to the way the phone is designed. But those
will be matched by equally profound alterations to how
people actually use the phone, according to a new report.
Instead of the home button, there’ll be a thin, software
bar, according to the Bloomberg report. Users will press
that instead of the real button to get back to the home
screen – though they might not do that as much as usual,
That’s because Apple will make it much easier to get to
the multitasking screen, meaning that people using the
new phone will flick between apps rather than repeatedly
returning to the home screen.
Much of the design of the new phone had leaked after
Apple accidentally uploaded secret software onto the
internet. But it remained unclear how Apple would actually
use the new phone, including how it would get around the
large notch that stands out at the top of the display, and
the button that is now missing from the bottom of it.

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