New York police release city’s first bodycam vision of fatal shooting!

CORRECTS DATE TO 6TH, NOT 7TH- In this Sept. 6, 2017, image taken from a New York Police Department officer's body camera video, officers aim their weapons towards Miguel Richards as Richards kneels on his bed in his New York apartment while holding a knife. The officers shot and killed Richards after he pointed a gun at them that turned out to be fake. Release of the body cam video marked the first fatal police encounter captured on the devices since officers started wearing them this year. (New York Police Department via AP)

The cameras didn’t catch an acceptable picture of the minute The point when. Officers opened fire.
It might have been those initial deadly mishap police experience recorded on the gadgets since. Officers started wearing them not long from now.
Police were called of the bronx home of 31-year-old Miguel richards. Once september 6 following as much proprietor news person he needed not seen him for. Days.
The videos, shot Eventually Tom’s perusing cameras worn Toward four officers, demonstrate how police. Pleaded for richards to a few minutes on drop as much weapons and. Hint at as much hands.
Officer mark Flemming shines An spotlight under Richards’ room Likewise. The data innovation organization student, wearing dim glasses and considering. An knife, stands still behind as much couch. He never speaks.
“Put your hand up, dude, Also drop the knife,” mr Flemming says. Placidly.
“I would prefer not on shoot you. Place your hand up. Furthermore drop that blade. “. An companion known as of the condo Toward the proprietor frantically begs. Richards to drop those blade and place as much hands up.
Something like 15 minutes in, those officers notice richards need An weapon behind as much. Go.

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