Movie Review : ” BAADSHAHO”

On paper, Baadshaho may have seemed to have the merit of a Hollywood heist thriller like Ocean’s Eleven. This is perhaps why Ajay Devgn even agreed to be a part of this mutli-starrer, which attempts to make immoral con men look good. But the execution offers zero novelty.

Anyway, mastermind, Bhawani, who is madly in love with Gitanjali promises her that he will win her pot of gold back. So he lovingly handpicks his crew—a lock picker, Tikla(Sanjay), a daredevil all-rounder, Daliya(Emraan), a `I-know-to-use-a-gun-girl’, Sanjana(Esha) who along with him, form the quartet that set out to outsmart the army guys taking the armoured truck from Rajasthan to Delhi. It’s the haraami v/s army clash.

Incidentally, the highlight of the film is the chase in which Seher(Vidyut), the army man is introduced. And you so wish that the rest of the film had maintained the same breakneck speed.

For a heist-thriller to work, the moves and movements of the crew should have been calculated and executed to precision. Instead, here you have buffoonery and indulgent character introductions. Everyone is mouthing signature lines trying to constantly reiterate how “bad-ass” they are. Indulge them; these are Bollywood’s paisa-pheko, dialogue-suno moments.

Ajay burns the screen with his intensity; Ilena plays the Maharani with hidden facets effectively. Emraan’s takeaway is his shimmy with Sunny Leone and Vidyut’s got the moves.

Sunita Radia’s lens captures the expanse of the desert so deftly certain shots stay frozen in your memory. The song Mere Rashke Qamar brings back the magic of the voices of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. If you’re an action junkie who has no loyalty to any particular actor, this could be a big-ticket ride.

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