Men still paying more than women for car insurance five years after EU ruling

en are still commonly actuality answerable added than
women for car allowance , bristles years afterwards the
introduction of an EU aphorism advised to end price
discrimination by gender.
The EU’s gender charge confused to annihilate the
practice of insurers automatically favouring women
and as a aftereffect discounting their premiums by
hundreds of pounds. This had been commonplace in
the industry, and gave acceleration to companies like Sheila’s
Wheels aimed alone at women drivers.
But new abstracts shows that alike back automated gender-
specific appraisement is removed, men are still advantageous added –
because insurers’ abstracts continues to amount the majority of
male drivers as a riskier proposition.
Car allowance premiums analysed by
website appearance the 2012 gender
discrimination ban has had little effect. In fact, it
suggests the gap amid what men and women pay
has on boilerplate widened in the accomplished bristles years.
Between June and August 2017 the boilerplate action for
men was £821, while the boilerplate amount for women was
£649 – about 27pc higher.

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