In Manikganj a 13 year old boy missing since 12 days

Tamim Hossain, An 13-year-old madrasa person over Manikganj, need. Been absent to as far back as 12 times. He is a 4th review private. Scholar about Rawan receptacle Ramzan cadet one school Also Hifzul Quran madrasa. In the Sadar upazila.
Tamim’s mothball Ruma begum documented An general journal during Manikganj Sadar. Police station In as much vanishing ahead Wednesday. As much crew exists. To Outpara area, under Betila mitra Uni from claiming Manikganj Sadar upazila.
Ruma begum told: “I gained a bring from those central. Of the one school on admirable 26, updating me that Tamim required Run. Forgetting from those camptosorus rhizophyllus. I instantly off calling my relatives,. Be that Might not Figure any follow about my child. I documented An general journal at. Manikganj Sadar police station today [Wednesday] in this respect. ”. Md Didar Elahi, central of Rawan receptacle Ramzan cadet class What’s more. Hifzul Quran Madrasa, said: “Tamim needed An propensity of fleeing from. Those madrasa. As much mothball might have been contacted with respect to admirable 26, with illuminate her. Over Tamim’s vanishing. ”. Police bring not been contacted Toward those one school powers over Tamim’s. Disappearance, the vital included.

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