Jaya is the perfect “Director’s Actor”

As a director, I can tell you that Jaya is the perfect
“Director’s Actor”. She will give her all to
accommodate the kind of performance that you
would ask from her as a director. There is no doubt
that she is a star both in India and Bangladesh.
Besides being an excellent actor, she is one of the
closest friends that I have.
You can never have a dull moment with Jaya Ahsan,
she is one of the most fun people to talk to and have
‘addabaji’ sessions with. In my humble opinion, she
is the most important actor in the industry today.
Her talent, dedication and grit make her the perfect
role-model for youngsters to follow. I will take this
opportunity to convey this message to Jaya: We love
you; always keep up the amazing display of acting
that we have come to expect from you.

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