Google slip disrupts corporate. Japan’s web movement.

Google has admitted that wide-spread
connectivity issues in Japan were the result of
a mistake by the tech giant.
Web traffic intended for Japanese internet
service providers was being sent to Google
Online banking, railway payment systems as
well as gaming sites were among those
A spokesman said a “network configuration
error” only lasted for eight minutes on Friday
but it took hours for some services to resume.
Nintendo was among the companies who
reported poor connectivity, according to the
Japan Times, as well as the East Japan
Railway Company.
The country’s Internal Affairs and
Communications Ministry has launched an
investigation into the error which resulted in
Google temporarily hijacking traffic to a major
telecoms provider, NTT Communications Corp,
which claims to have over 50 million
customers in Japan.
Because Google cannot provide transit to third
party networks, explains industry expert
BGPMon, the traffic was lost.

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