Glossy and Hydrated makeup

There’s always a solution to every problem in
the world. The trick is to follow the matte
makeup technique and use highlighters in the
right places – like the temple of the forehead,
the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones etc re-
creating the perfect glossy effect. Finally when
all is done, spray some makeup setting spray
and lock-in the look for hours to come.

* Make sure the mascara is not more than a
month old. Fresh mascara glides better.
* Always cover dark circles with a concealer 1
to 2 shades lighter than skintone.
* You can always create killer cheekbones by
applying shimmer along the top.
* Clean, bold brow is attention grabbing. So
comb it with clean mascara before shaping it
with a soft brow pencil.
* A shimmery white eye pencil helps in
brightening the eye when used on the
* Colour coding lips and cheeks always create
a uniform look. So if you really want that
natural look apply the same hue of lipstick on
the lips as on the cheeks.
* The best blending technique for foundations
is to use the fingertips.
* Finally, always use a make-up setting spray
to prevent runny and sticky makeup

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