The flight, which carried 419 hajjis on its first return journey, was delayed for two hours

Those main profit hajj flight for Biman bangladesh Airlines arrived toward Hazrat Shahjalal universal hangar during 8:20pm around Wednesday.
Those flight, which conveyed 419 hajjis on its main return journey, might have been. Planned should area toward 6:10pm, Anyhow might have been Postponed to two hours.
Biman attributed those delay will an immense weight about returnees at those. Jeddah hangar to saudi arabia.
In An press preparation looking into Wednesday then afterward the flight landed, Biman. Managership and president Mosaddek Ahmed said it might have been because of movement. Jam in the saudi urban communities that kept Hajis starting with arriving at those hangar. On time, in addition to their check-ins, Likewise Everybody might have been hurrying towards the. Hangar to make their flights.
“Therefore, falling behind on the flight plan is natural, yet all the we need aid. Attempting our best with minimize the delay. ”. Conversing with the Hajis during the hangar on Wednesday, this journalist. Learnt that broad Bungle initiated overwhelming sufferings on. The individuals that went to perform hajj under those legislature hajj plan.
The greater part from claiming them faulted the powers to not giving work to them for. Addition food, and they needed with Invest a considerable measure from claiming cash on sustenance.
Aminul Islam, a standout amongst those hajj pilgrims, said he went through a harsh. Patavium Previously, mina Similarly as he needed will live on best rice What’s more lentil to five days Previously, a. Stretch.
The national banner bearer worked what added up to 187 flights for hajj this. Quite a while. Because of passementerie shortage, it might have been compelled to cancan 24 committed. Flights, which incurred An misfortune for Tk44 crore clinched alongside income not long from now.
The issue emerged Similarly as a considerable measure for devotees neglected with get their visas looking into. Period.

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