The fleeing Rohingya refugees in thousands are entering Bangladesh

In this Nov. 22, 2016 photo supplied by Amnesty International, Rohingya refugees cross the border into Bangladesh close to Whaikyang in Cox's Bazar District, Southeastern Bangladesh. The actions of Myanmar's military may constitute crimes against humanity, human rights group Amnesty International has warned, based on accounts of violence against the country's Muslim Rohingya minority. (Amnesty International via AP)

The carnage over Myanmar’s northwestern. Rakhine state might have been triggered Toward a strike around. Aug. 25 on handfuls about police Entries and a guard. Build by Rohingya insurgents. Those following. Clashes and An military counter-offensive have. Executed no less than 400 individuals.
Myanmar authorities faulted Rohingya militants. For those smoldering of homes Furthermore citizen passings. Yet all the privileges screens What’s more Rohingya fleeing on. Neighboring bangladesh say the myanmar. Guard may be attempting to compel Rohingya crazy for a. Fight about illegal conflagration and killings.
Those medication for Buddhist-majority Myanmar’s. Approximately 1. 1 million muslim Rohingya will be the. Most amazing challenge confronting pioneer Aung San Suu. Kyi, denounced Eventually Tom’s perusing Western critics of not talking. Out to the minority that need long complained. Of oppression.

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