I felt like I looked like the old me again”- Resham Khan

After pictures of Resham celebrating Eid were shared in national
media , she revealed the tough reality of what it took to prepare for the
photographs and posted photographs of herself without make-up.
“First of all I just wanted to make clear that what you see on the
internet isn’t real,” Resham wrote in a post on Wednesday.
“The images you saw were the result of me finally deciding to try on a
full face of makeup. In terms of applying make-up, it has become so
much harder.”
Resham was able to contour on one side of her face, but it hurts to
apply make-up, and fake eyelashes are something she can only long
for, the blog revealed.
“As my skin is tough, mixing lipsticks is difficult. My eyebrows have
been burnt and grow a bit funny so they were proving difficult, so I just
shaded them rather than trying to shape them into anything fancy,” she
continued. She had previously revealed that she is advised not to pluck
her brows.
But it did make her feel like herself again.
“I got those mushy emotional tears of happiness. I looked in the mirror
and I felt like I looked like the old me again.”
Resham disclosed that she used an app to edit the photographs,
altering their brightness, and explained she took the pictures from an
angle to disguise the “mix of scars, pink, burns, hard skin, raised skin”
on part of her face, as well as her “dodgy eye”.
“Make-up did a great job and so did angles and an edit. I’ve loved the
compliments but the harsh reality is it is not real.”

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