easy nail-arts for short nails

There are many designs to choose from.
You’re bound to go crazy and won’t be able to
pick any one!
French tip manicure with a twist
Give your classic manicure a twist by adding a
layer of clear glitter nail paint as a topcoat or
at the tip. A French manicure looks super
classy no matter how short or long the nails
are. By adding a layer of glitter polish you
would be adding a fresh spin to the classic.
Spongebob or Pooh?
Nostalgia can get the best of us to go looking
for our special blanket and curling up on the
sofa to watch our favorite cartoons. Why not
relive your favorite childhood cartoons? Bring
them to life by getting cute nail art of your
favorite characters. These face designs look
superb on short nails. You can follow the
theme of your favorite show or you could get
different characters on each nail.
Striped like candy
Super cute and super easy. Candy stripes are
hard to mess up. You can team up colors like
pale pink, powder blue, lilac, teal or a soft
plum with white. The combinations are
endless, you go for the one matching your
Embrace the season
Match your nails to the season. Try a season
specific design, like pineapples and lemons
for summer or pretty reddish brown leaves for
autumn or maybe a bright floral pattern for
spring. Keep the base coat white and outline
the shapes in black to really bring out the
The new French manicure
Add yet another twist to the classic manicure
by switching the tips. Instead of painting each
tip a boring white, you could paint them in
different shades to quirk up the classic you
could even choose two different tip shades
and apply them at a diagonal angle instead of
stick straight. Lastly, remember to keep the
base a neutral color to really bring out your

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