Under-construction petrol pump collapsed

Four specialists were executed Furthermore six others harmed Similarly as. The top about an under-construction petrol pump. Broken down over Ashuganj upazila for Brahmanbaria this. Evening.
The expired were recognized as Nazmul Mia,. 18, Mizan Mia, Abu Sayed, 40, What’s more Dulal Mia,. 50, reports our nearby journalist citing. Ashuganj Upazila Nirbahi officer Amirul. Qaiser.
Witnesses Also shoot administration said the top from claiming. ‘Sayera filling Station’ in Bahadurpur zone. By Dhaka-Sylhet roadway suddenness. Broken down Furthermore fell on the labours same time they. Were working there. Laborer Dulal Mia passed on ahead. Those spot.
After locals and a fire-fighting unit hurried on. The spot What’s more recued nine others laborers from. The trash What’s more took them should Sadar doctor’s facility. The place doctors proclaimed three others dead, the. UNO further said.

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