BTRC sets base. 3G speed 512 Kbps.

The bangladesh telecommunication administrative. Requisition need issued An set about new directives ahead. Personal satisfaction of administration to the cell phone operators asking. Those operators to guarantee least 512 kilobyte for every. Second downlink pace for web under 3G secured. Regions.
Those telecom controller issued those directives on tuesday. Asking to prompt usage.
The directives required those cell phone operators to guarantee. 768 Kbps downlink speed after person quite a while of the BTRC. Directive.
Operators will must guarantee An least 50 Kbps. Uploading velocity to presently and the speed must must. Expand with 70 Kbps following one quite a while for 3G administration. Operation.
Those BTRC directives required the operators to guarantee 95 for every. Penny alternately over accomplishment rate As far as making. Association for those operators’ high-sounding Downlink. Bundle get (HSDPA) from users’ units.

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