bkash account hacking increased

Thirty-eight-year-old Anisur Rahman had decided to
send his sister BDT 10,000 through a bKash outlet on his
way home from work. Eid was nearby and his sister
needed some extra cash. Upon reaching the outlet,
Anisur discovered that he was not the only one who
urgently needed to transfer money. He was asked to
write down his sister Jakia Sultana’s account number
and wait. A few minutes later, the agent informed
Anisur that his money had been transferred and asked
him to call Sultana to confirm.
When Sultana was called, she told her brother that she
had received a text from bKash but was yet to check it.
Barely seconds later, Sultana received a call from an
unknown number. The person at the other end told her
that he had mistakenly sent her BDT 15,000 instead of
BDT 10,000 and then asked her to send BDT 5000 back
The stranger asked Sultana to hurry up since her
brother, Anisur, was waiting at the bKash outlet, adding
that he couldn’t call her since he did not have any
balance on his phone. Sultana immediately returned
BDT 5000 to the number that called her. However,
moments later, Sultana got an SMS which showed that
she had only BDT 5000 left in her account.
A shocked Sultana rang the caller back, only to find the
number unreachable. When she narrated the entire
incident to her brother, Anisur went back to the bKash
outlet and confronted the agent. The agent claimed to
know nothing about the incident and showed Anisur his
call list and the messages that he had dealt with in order
to prove that he had no involvement.
The case of Anisur and Sultana is not an isolated one.
According the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP),
incidents like these spike right before Eid. Detectives
arrested 14 members of a gang in and around the capital
on August 29 involved with swindling BDT 13.50 lakh
from hacking a bKash account

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