Bangladesh has the potential to attract more tourists

Bangladesh is bestowed with a compensation of attributes and immense beauty.
Despite our country’s potential, our tourism area has progressed at a
snail’s pace.
At present, the absolute addition of Bangladesh’s tourism industry to
its GDP is 4.3%, while its addition to application bearing is
Despite various, assiduous hurdles, the tourism industry is believed to
be on the appropriate clue in the actuality and now, with able government
The actuality that tourism has been declared an industry and put in the list
of advance sectors speaks volumes to that end.
However, the Bangladesh tourism industry needs to be developed in a
sustainable manner.
Sustainable tourism about after-effects in bread-and-butter benefits, social
benefits, forth with allowances for the bounded association and, of course,
the environment.
This year has already been appointed by the UN as the “year of
sustainability” — in band with this motif, the United Nations World
Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has themed this World Tourism Day,
today, about acceptable tourism and development.
In the ambience of acceptable tourism development, UNWTO has
circulated the byword “Travel, enjoy, and respect.”.

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