Asadujjaman Noor’s partnership with Nuhash humayun

Audience-admired actor and Cultural Affairs
Minister Asaduzzaman Noor was seen acting
in a tele-drama for the last time during Eid-ul-
Fitr last year. Now, after one year, the
seasoned actor has acted in a new tele-drama
on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.
Asaduzzaman Noor
has acted in an Eid-special tele-drama titled
‘Hotel Albatross’, which has been written and
directed by Nuhash Human, the eldest son of
legendary writer Humayun Ahmed. According
to Nuhash, the tele-drama is of a peaceful
story during an unstable time.
Asaduzzaman Noor has already completed the
shooting of the tele-drama in the meantime.
The tele-drama will be aired on the day of
Eid-ul-Azha at 9:30pm on GTV.
“Though Nuhash is a tender-aged boy, he has
written and directed the tele-drama applying
his own thought. It was clear to him that how
did he want to make the tele-drama. Though
it may not be a so-called popular drama, it
will provide enough foods for thought for the
viewers who would watch it”, Noor said.
To note, Asaduzzaman Noor-starrer last tele-
drama was ‘Matir Pradip’, which was aired
on Bangladesh Television last year. Eminent
actress Suborna Mustafa acted opposite him in
the tele-drama.

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