Apple unveils the new iPhone X

iPhone X
Cook described the iPhone X (pronounced “ten”) as a “new
generation of the iPhone” and a “biggest leap forward since the
original iPhone.”
More than 10 years after the first iPhone was introduced, Cook and
Schiller showcased a brand new product: an iPhone featuring edge-
to-edge screen.
Like the iPhone 8, both the front and back of the phone will be made
of glass, but the iPhone X will also include a case made of stainless
steel. The high-end model does not have a home button. To wake up the
phone, users can simply tap the screen. To get to the home screen,
users will will use the “simple” and “intuitive” move of swiping up
from the bottom, Schiller said.
The iPhone X’s true depth camera will allow users to take selfies
with portrait mode, and also comes with a portrait lighting feature.
Face ID technology will be used to unlock the phone, Schiller said.
Users will simply have to look at the phone to unlock it.
The chance of a random person unlocking the iPhone X with Face ID
is 1 in 1 million, Schiller said. The same chance with Touch ID is 1 in
50,000, he said.
The closer someone is genetically to the user, the more likely it is
that the person will be able to unlock the user’s phone, Schiller said,
so there is an optional passcode feature to lock out an “evil twin.”
“It adapts to your face over time,” Schiller said.
Face ID will work with Apple Pay and third party apps in the same
capacity that Touch ID is used.
Another new feature with the iPhone X is Animoji, which are
animated emojis that mimic the user’s facial expressions.
The iPhone X has been engineered to be water and dust resistant at
the microscopic level, Schiller said. It has a Super Retina display,
which uses OLED technology.

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