“An application does not ensure that all of them will get registered”

After the particular victories about Jamdanee sharee What’s more Ilish, bangladesh will. Get geological evidence (GI) certifications to that’s only the tip of the iceberg items. Including Fazli mango, Langra mango, Kataribhog rice, Kalijira rice Also. Nectar from the Sundarbans.
As stated by the Branch about Patents, outlines What’s more Trademarks. (DPDT), they have at that point accepted 25 provisions for 22 distinctive. Items beginning Previously, 15 locale.
“All provisions would under methodology presently and once it may be complete, we. Will issue An newspaper notice for each about them separately,” said md. Sanowar Hossain, recorder about DPDT.
Ahead november 17, 2016, the administration confirmed Jamdanee sharee Concerning illustration. The 1st GI item for bangladesh under the geological evidence. Enactment 2013.
Around june 1, those administration issued a newspaper notice announcing. Ilish as the opposite GI item clinched alongside bangladesh.
As for every the rule, At whatever individual alternately association starting with crosswise over the globe camwood. Raise protest against the notice inside two months of the. Newspaper notice.
As stated by those geological characteristic items (Registration and. Protection) act 2013, Assuming that somebody needs will case An confirmed GI item. As their alternately need An protestation against those decision, they must. Lodge those protestation inside two months of the newspaper notice.
Generally those choice will be allowed.
“As no objections or protests have been lodged against the. Certification, Ilish could Right away be viewed as An bangladeshi GI product,”. Sanowar Hossain said.
As stated by those act, geological implication (GI) is An sign which. Characterizes the sourball and holds the goodwill of a result that. Originated for An specific area, in Ilish starting with Padma, chamcham from. Tangail Also kataribhog from Dinajpur.

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