These actors are paired for 5 plays in this Eid

Prevalent little screen performer Apurbo is a significantly. Looked for after face Throughout Eid TV specials,. What’s more he abandons significantly should suspect to this Eid ul. Azha. Those performing artist need been seen performing. Nearby actresses from claiming all calibers, Also this. Quite a while he may be matched dependent upon with maturing performer. Sharlin Farzana Previously, five assumes.
Shooting need been finished for four of the. Ventures, including those Mizanur Rahman. Aryan-helmed assume “Bola Holo Na”. Those twosome. Will also aggravate a manifestation in the assume titled. “Megh Brishti’r Alapon”, guided Toward Mehedi. Hasan Jony. Shooting need Additionally been wrapped. Dependent upon for those rubel Hasan-directed “Na bola Shei. Diary”. A fourth venture, which need also. Finished filming, is yet should be titled. An assume. Titled “Anmone” may be at present in the pipeline, for. Which shooting will initiate before long.
“Throughout our occasion when working together, i have. Recognized a unfaltering change for Sharlin’s. Abilities. I recognize that she will try on will would incredible. Things for her career,” stated Apurbo.
An enthused Sharlin added, “There will be not. A significant part exited with a chance to be said something like Apurbo’s notoriety. Likewise a actor, Be that he will be a astounding co-star. He. Need been exact helpful, Also i need been equipped on. Gain a considerable measure from him. ”. The twosome constructed their initially presence together. Previously, 2005, On a assume titled “Opekkhar Shesh Din-. E”, guided by Mizanur Rahman aryan.

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